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Whether you are seeking help in healing an injury, releasing tension/stress or pampering yourself, our treatments are a beautiful and effective way to facilitate positive change in your body, mind and spirit.  Our Relaxation Specialists are trained in the art of massage and body treatments and will provide you with a relaxing spa experience.

​ Swedish Massage
​30/60/90 min - $49/$65/$95
Mobile Service - $85/$115

Light to medium pressure, depending on your preference, that focus on relaxing the body.  Usually a full body massage, however, can be targeted on specific areas at your request.

Deep Tissue Massage
​60/90 min - $75/$105
Mobile Service - $95/$125

Works to release hypertonic areas (knots) in the body by using moderately deep to very deep pressure.  Very beneficial for chronic stress and tight muscles.

 Sports Massage
​60/90 min - $85/$120
Mobile Service - $105/$140

Combined deep pressure with muscle lengthening, this massage will help with peak physical performance prior to an event/training as well as aid in removing soreness post event/training. Greater mobility and faster recovery pre & post training.

​30/60 min - $40/$65

An alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Reduces stress, improves circulation and increases energy.

Couples Massage
​60/90 min - $140/$200
Mobile Service - $190/$230

Surrender to the relaxing atmosphere and indulge in total bliss with the love of your life, best friend, mother, daughter, grandmother.  Massage can be offered in the same room or separate rooms.  Deep tissue also available.

​4 Hands (Tandem) Massage
​60/90 min - $150/$210
Mobile Service - $190/$230

Massage is performed by two therapists who work simultaneously and in rhythmic fashion to provide a great relaxing effect on the nervous system.  A great way to have a full body massage in half the time!

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