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Serene Retreat offers customized services for Moms-To-Be, Group/Bridal Parties, On Site Chair Massage, and much more.  For more information and pricing, please call 832-819-3055.  



This wonderfully soothing massage helps to relieve stress on weight bearing joints and assist in alleviating low back pain often associated with pregnancy.  The massage is usually performed with Mom-to-be in a side lying position.  Pillows are used for added comfort.  Massage can be performed safely after the 1st trimester.  When scheduling an appointment, please let the receptionist know of your pregnancy so that we can provide the proper forms and be sure you have doctor's approval.



Our Spa Party services are "mini" treatments which can be anywhere from 15 min to 40 min per person depending on the number of guests, length of time and services scheduled.  We bring table(s), treatment supplies, candles, music and other supplies as necessary to make your event as special as possible.  Minimum time is two hours and minimum number of guests are three.  We start your time once we have arrived and set up.  Set up time usually takes about 15 to 30 min depending on party size and treatments.  Spa Party services to choose from include: Table Massage, Chair Massage, Manimassage, Pedimassage, Neck & Shoulder Tension Reliever and Back Facial.  Call for a consultation and a package can be tailored to fit your special day or event.



Seated chair massage helps alleviate tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles. Performed fully clothed and a great addition to any spa party, corporate event or employee appreciation.  Call for special group rates.


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